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Paws Clubhouse Soft Dog Kennel

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Calling all Paws Club members! This is the cutest little kennel house for your dog's chill-out time. A chocolate coloured base with a unique dalmation print on the roof and inner cushion, makes for a unique and fun bed for your beloved pet. There's even a cosy little curved doorway and fun window to give it that authentic little clubhouse look!

We have used the softest cotton fleecy fabric for comfort and teamed it with superior craftsmanship for a durable and strongly stitched pet bed for long-lasting enjoyment.

A super soft plump cushion is perfect after a big day, and can be removed for easy washing or use it elsewhere to make an easy day bed.

We have designed the Paws Clubhouse for the pet who likes to snuggle into a tranquil retreat of their own and enjoy the quiet, cave-like space it creates.


  • Unique "house" style with fun dalmation print on the roof, cushion and "window"
  • Quality soft fleece fabrics used throughout
  • Ultra-soft plump cushion for their comfort which can be pulled out and used as a daybed!
  • Durability and quality stitching for long-lasting use
  • Suits smaller dogs